Why are processes important for your next custom remodel

Nov 15, 2019

Typically the concepts of 'custom' and 'proven' don't go together - but in successful home remodeling, they are intertwined.

Why? Although custom remodeling involves many specific decisions that are catered to the unique needs of the home and homeowner's vision, a proven, well-thought out process framework enables remodelers to deliver these customizations with certainty that there won't be surprises, headaches and rework.

With more than three decades of custom remodeling experience, we uniquely understand the formula involved for having proven processes in place that create an opportunity for seamless, custom remodeling. In fact, this is where we excel - we don't shy away from complex, custom remodeling jobs. On the contrary, the more complex and detailed your project, the more you'll value The Alexander Group experience. We take the complicated and make it look simple. Here's how.

Our Philosophy

While many remodeling companies take pride in standardizing processes to make them more efficient, straight-forward and profitable, we take a different approach. We realize each job must be customized, and love to work with homeowners to identify and integrate new ideas that help ensure the newly remodeled space perfectly aligns with the homeowners' vision.

Our Promise

We are committed to delivering customer-centric services that result in a high-performance home, customized to fit the way you live. Our consistent delivery of our promises has established a long list of satisfied customers and award-winning projects. Homeowners know they can count on The Alexander Group to:

  • Serve with integrity and professionalism.
  • Provide excellence in design and renovation.
  • Honor our commitment to long-lasting quality.
  • Integrate innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Create exceptional value.

Our Proven Process Enables Successful Customization

With a 30-year track record of success, The Alexander Group has developed proven processes that ensure everything is done seamlessly. We offer a design-build partnership, which brings together professional design and construction expertise to provide continuity of service. Our process encourages client involvement and ensures that their vision drives the project. With their needs in mind every step of the way, our clients enjoy consistency, accountability and convenience as they work with one expertise firm from start to finish. This seamless process involves five key steps.

  1. Consultation: We listen carefully to your ideas and create an outline of the renovation process.
  2. Feasibility study: This lays the foundation for a smooth project. Our experts study the physical layout of your property, review land plats and surveys as needed and review all documents for potential issues.
  3. Design and investment planning: You approve conceptual drawings, and we prepare specifications to begin your remodel. You select floor coverings, specialty items, etc. Then, we present final drawings and price planning research.
  4. Construction: With a clear plan based on your vision and selections, we prepare for construction. We obtain building permits, conduct a pre-construction meeting and prepare the site. Then, the project begins.
  5. Project completion: We conduct a walk-through of the entire project with you. We both agree on a "finish list." Once final details are complete, your warranty period begins.

We take pride in delivering your well-designed remodel on time and on budget, with minimal surprises. Our design-build process is known for producing quality, healthy, safe and durable homes that stand the test of time.

When you're ready to create your dream home, contact the Alexander Group to put the pieces together. We'll deliver a seamless project with impeccable results.

Reach your quality design partners at (301) 230-3040 or adean@alexandergroup.net.