Are you spending most of your time inside – even when it’s nice outside? Do you ever wonder why? When the weather is pleasant, you can be outside cooking tasty food while enjoying family time in the fresh air. And all this can be possible with a new porch from Alexander Group.

Why do I need a porch?

No one wants to drag chairs around and try to level the grill on an uneven surface to keep hotdogs from rolling away. A porch provides a neat space to arrange tables, chairs, grills and planters for added aesthetics. If your house doesn’t have a porch, chances are you are not utilizing the outdoors as much as you could be.

A porch can improve the value of your house by improving the space and the appeal. If you’re looking for a great return on investment, adding a tasteful and useful porch can be a great decision.

Having the option to grab a bite to eat and sit out on the porch is priceless. When friends and family come to visit, you’ll appreciate the extra area. By expanding your living space to include the porch, you can add entertainment options and open up the flow in your house.

Can’t take the heat?

We can fix that with a sun screen, partial roof or sun shade. Don’t let the heat keep you indoors. A carefully planned design from Alexander Group will take the direction of the sun and the composition of your yard into account to bring you the best porch option for your unique situation.

What about a front porch?

If your entryway is in need of improvement, we can bring our years of experience to design and build the right porch for the front of your house. When we’re done, your porch will look like a seamless part of the exterior design.

Where do I start?

Alexander Group is here to help you every step of the way in the porch design and build process. We can show you design options, materials choices and help you as you define what kind of porch you want. Then, we’ll get busy crafting the perfect porch for your needs. Call us today at (301) 230-3040 and let us help you get the most out of your nice weather with an awesome porch.