great attention detail

Alexander Group provides great attention detail. They think it through before jumping in and the owner is great to work with. This project was given top priority and I get the impression that every project is treated that way.

Upton Architecture LLC

outstanding team of professionals

Enjoying retirement several thousand miles away to a home that has been in our family for many years was a long standing dream of ours. While thrilled when the time came for final preparations in making it a reality, we had the daunting task of finding a general contractor we could trust to oversee extensive quality work on our historic house before our move. It had the original 1928 plumbing and electrical wiring and, in short, required a major overhaul after years of being rented out. We could not possibly have found a better person for the job than Alex Dean. It does not suffice to share that Alex completed the work on time and within budget, which in itself is exceptional. He was hands on every step of the way, and he treated each and every aspect of the renovation with personal care. Alex appreciated the memories held and he worked closely with us in creating modern style and conveniences, while retaining the traditional qualities of a house we hope will stay in our family for many more years to come. We are happy to now be living in our exquisite home, with special thanks to Alex and his outstanding team of professionals with “The Alexander Group.”


text book example of how it should be done

From conception, to construction, to completion, our remodeling project with the Alexander Group was a text book example of how it should be done. We enlarged two bedrooms and a storage room, and added a bathroom. To start with, Alex Dean, the general contractor and architect, did not over-promise. Unlike other contractors we interviewed who made on the spot, extravagant claims about what they could do within our budget, Alex laid out, step by step, a realistic cost estimate of the project, and the time it would take to complete the job. We described what we wanted in general terms, and based on those ideas, Alex drafted five different sketches, one of which we chose to further refine and develop. Alex, and his design contacts, helped us narrow the wide choice of possible construction materials including tile, fixtures, cabinets, and siding. He, and his excellent on-site supervisor, Steve Mayberry, orchestrated the work of numerous, highly competent crews, and did some of the work themselves. And not only was the work of high quality, it was actually completed within the estimated time frame (none of those mysterious breaks where no one shows up for weeks at a time). All in all, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the finished product and the way in which it was done.

Debmark Weinstein

professional and careful

Our family has used The Alexander Group for a series of home improvement projects at our home in Potomac MD, over the course of more than 25 years. We first used The Alexander Group to dramatically enlarge our home, in order to comfortably accommodate our 3 children, in addition to a live-in babysitter. We also expanded our kitchen, built a screened in porch, and added several bedrooms. This project took approximately 6 months to complete, and one of our primary requirements was to ensure that the work was completed prior to the beginning of the next ensuing school year. We also required The Alexander Group to commence certain demolition activities at a time when our children could stay with their grandparents. Our 2 primary goals, then, were quality of construction, and adherence to certain pre-determined milestones so as to accommodate school and work schedules. In both respects, The Alexander Group performed perfectly. The work was the highest possible quality. The Alexander Group’s own personnel, and subcontractors, were of the absolute highest quality. They were professional and careful, and they took great pride in their work. Also, and this meant a lot to us, Alex Dean, the company’s principal, frequently visited the job site to make sure he knew, first hand, that everything was proceeding in accordance with our agreement. All of the project’s milestones were met, even with a little cushion. We were impressed and very gratified. The final work product was terrific, and The Alexander Group promptly finished up the reasonably short punch list very soon after the project was completed. The Alexander Group took great pride in its work, and it showed. Since that first major project was completed, The Alexander Group came back to our home to work on the following additional tasks – replacement of all doors and windows; renovation of our laundry and mud room; renovation of our basement family room, and other minor projects. All were performed on time, within the budget, and with the highest possible quality. We have been proud to recommend The Alexander Group to several of our friends over the years. About 10 years after completing our big initial renovation, The Alexander Group did a similar – but much larger – job for one of our friends. Our friends had similar experience. We would recommend The Alexander Group to anyone contemplating a home renovation project, no matter the size of the job. They are reputable, honest and quality oriented. They are completely in touch with their clients’ needs.

Frederick Klein

knowledgeable and experienced

I could not be happier with my kitchen renovation. The final result was even more than I imagined it would be. Working with Alex Dean and his company was an absolute pleasure. Alex is a perfectionist and will deliver nothing less than a completed project of the highest quality. All of his staff as well as the specialists he brings in to work on the project are extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced. I delight in my new kitchen every day. I highly recommend the Alexander Group for any project in your home. You will be forever happy with the experience ( which Alex and his team make almost painless) and the final result.

Kathy H

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