Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is, for most people, the two most important projects. Year after year, they top the list of professional remodeling jobs. Choosing to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or both can add style, function. and value to your home.

The financial investment to remodel a kitchen or bath is substantial. Hiring the right design team is the best thing you can do to protect that investment. With over 30 years experience in design, building, and sustainability, The Alexander Group gives you smart design to meet your wants and needs.

The Alexander Method for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

We have broken down our process into five steps. This method ensures your project is finished as you want it, on time and within your budget.

Step 1: Consultation

The process begins with you. Your ideas, wants, and needs for your space dictate what happens. Together we design a project to fulfill those three areas that are structurally sound and constructed with quality in mind.

Step 2: Design

After consultations and the basic concept for the design are in place, we move into the more specific area of design. Now we finalize the plans and begin selecting materials that will be needed to complete your project.

Step 3: Plan

The plan phase is the most specific part of the pre-construction work. We draft detailed drawings for you and go over every last detail to ensure there are no last-minute surprises. Plans for electric and plumbing are determined, as are the permits that need to be obtained. The pulling of permits are handled by the design team.

Step 4: Build

When it is time to begin work, the design team secures the materials and supervises the construction team. Instead of having to manage all of the working parts, you communicate with the head of the team. Regular communication is vital to keep you aware of the state of your project and to make sure the result is what you want.

Step 5: Post-Build

You've made a financial investment and trusted us to give you the results you want. Our goal is to help you fall in love with your new space, and know that your project came in on time and budget.

The Alexander Group Inc Kitchen & Baths
The Alexander Group Inc Kitchen & Baths
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