Does the space in your home no longer fit your lifestyle and needs? Whether you need an additional room, a second story addition, or a complete home remodel, the Alexander Group can help.

Smarter, Sustainable Solutions

At the Alexander Group, we don’t just tack on a “box” to your home and call it an addition. Your addition blends seamlessly and beautifully with your existing home – applying the best in green building techniques and products.

By focusing on creating more than just space, the air health, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home will improve – benefiting your family and the planet for years to come!

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The Alexander Method

Years of experience allowed us to finetune our process into five steps. These steps make it possible for you to have the results you dream of without any last minute emergencies.

Step 1: Consultation

The process begins with your ideas, wants, and needs for your space. We take your input and combine it with careful site study. Together we design a project that meets your goals.

Step 2: Design

After consultation, we begin to design your project.  With your full input, we pull together all of the details for your project.

Step 3: Plan

This step is the most specific of the five steps. Drawings are finalized down to the last detail. Plumbing and electric work is laid out, as well.  Any permits that need to be pulled from local authorities are handled by the design team.

Step 4: Build

This is where the details come together. Your design team handles all of the working parts of the build, keeping you updated on progress.

Step 5: Post-Build

The work is done and your happiness in the result is our goal.  We work hard to give you a space you will love, and the peace of mind knowing it has been done with quality and your budget in mind.  Once the work is done, we offer you a multi-year guarantee on our work.