Have you ever wondered about the all of the steps taken to remodel your home? Many of our customers ask us exactly what they can expect during a home remodeling project from the Alexander Group and to help answer this question we invite you to take a behind the scenes look at a current, ongoing home remodeling project in Gaithersburg, MD. In this remodeling project we hope our customer focus, depth of expertise and level of attention to details is evident.

Gaithersburg, MD – Aging In Place Project Background:

Throughout the years we’ve helped this family remodel their home several times to better fit their needs with the first kitchen addition being 22 years ago. At this time the family would like to remodel their home in such a way that they can live there for many years to come and age in place.

This custom home addition will be a unique shape – an elongated octagon, set on a 45 degree angle with a connecting link to the existing residence. This design is both practical and aesthetic. The remodel will include a:

  • Great Room with a recirculating heat wood burning fireplace that will be enjoyed as a Music Room as well as a Family Room.
  • New ramp that will allow barrier free access from carport.
  • Two stop elevator that will enable easy access between floors.
  • The renovated master bath will have a barrier free shower and other accessible features.
  • A new energy efficient heat pump will condition the home.
  • A custom tray ceiling will help create a dynamic interior and the large windows will overlook the park land view.

Initial Steps: Project layout, excavation, footing preparation, concrete footing installation and layout recheck

Customer Progress Update – Judy W.:

“The Alexander Group has now completed 11 days worth of work on the house addition. They are doing a fabulous job! Very quick, yet very good, solid work. The group of masons were outstanding workers! They worked long hours, only stopping briefly for lunch. The quality of their work seems excellent to us. They were extremely polite and cleaned up the site nicely after each day’s work. After them, we had the steel workers, putting up post and beam to hold up the top story floor. Again, they were polite and competent workers. Today we had the rough framers on site, putting up the basement level wall, window and door framing. Tonight for the first time, I stepped into my new basement “room” and was thrilled.”

Day 19: “Today we had two sets of workers here. The roofers were here from about 7 am to about 7:45 pm. They removed two layers of shingles from our existing house and replaced with new, and began to shingle the addition. However, by 7:45 pm we had a downpour so they quit and covered the addition with a big blue tarp. They finished all the shingles the next day. The woodworkers were also here the same day. They built the chimney for our new fireplace. In the picture to the right you can see the ramp going up to the addition, the fireplace area boxed in, the chimney built, and the roofers working.”

Day 21: “The contractor began demolition in the existing house this week. First, he put up temporary walls to shield us from the dust. In the picture to the right he has started to wall up our dining room. You can see where he cut the rug to expose the wood floor. This part of the dining room will become the area where our new shower will be. The wood floor had to be removed so the contractor can strengthen the floor by sistering microllam (extra strong laminated wood) to existing joists. The contractor also put up a temporary wall in our bedroom before demolishing our tiny master bathroom. We can still use what’s left of the bedroom, but it is a tight fit.”

Day 22: “Our new doors and windows arrived this week. You can see in the picture to the right that the addition has been wrapped in Tyvek and the windows have been installed. The doors have not been installed because it rained all week and was too wet and muddy.”

Day 23: “This was truly a week of demolition. Talk about noise and vibrations! The vibrations from sawing the floor caused the lightbulbs in our ceiling lights downstairs to blow out!!! In the picture to the right you can see Ed chatting with Alex Dean, our contractor. They are standing in the top floor of the new addition, right in front of the framing for our harp closet. When bringing my harp into the house, I intend to wheel it in up the ramp, and put it directly into that new closet. Just to the right of the contractor you can see some white material leaning up against the elevator shaft. To the right of that you can see into the area that used to be our dining room. The floor has all been taken up, and our tiny master bath has disappeared. Along the beams in the ceiling you can see metal the electrician installed for our recessed ceiling lights.

Communications with our contractor and his project manager, Steve Mayberry, are frequent and excellent. We have had Steve work with us on a project some years ago, and we were delighted to have him back again. He, like all the workers, just never stops (except for lunch); and everything he does is done right! We are so happy to be using The Alexander Group again.”

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