It looks like you've done mostly large projects, does your company do small to mid-size remodeling projects?

We help owners with small, medium and large scale projects. We focus on quality over quantity. Our proprietary design build process is very efficient and effective for projects of all types and size.

How much does an addition cost?

How much does an addition cost?

This is the __ $ question. The answer to this one just doesn't fit in a FAQ section - the short answer is that it depends. For a more detailed answer

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How long should kitchen remodeling take?

Depending on your project's scope, we work off of a six to eight week basic schedule, but if your project involves relocating walls, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, has custom cabinetry or other specialty products, your timeline could extend to three to five months. Detailed construction management and careful planning of the entire project are crucial for an efficient process.

What sustainable, energy efficient, green building features do you offer?

High performance, energy efficient, sustainable design is an integrated approach. It starts with the design of the space and carries through every component of the building. We provide sustainable solutions for every aspect of your project.

What home additions add value?

Bathrooms and kitchens have the highest return on investment when it comes to home remodeling, so building an addition that expands on your kitchen, or building an additional bathroom would be the best for added home value. Bedrooms, first floor master suites and home offices add value to your home.

How much does a preliminary design & feasibility study cost?

Your Preliminary Design & Feasibility Study fee (nickname "prelim") will be based on the size and complexity of the project and factor in the architectural design time, project evaluation, research and pricing required to develop your construction agreement and specifications. Fees start at $1,000 and for large projects generally are 3-4% of the project preliminary rough budget.

My project may not qualify for a full fledged preliminary design and feasibility study but I’m interested in using your services. Do you have a way to help me?

For projects of limited scope we ask you to send us your specific “wish list” of what you want to do, pictures of the space and adjoining areas, and if an addition or bump out is involved, a copy of your house location survey. A short video of the space is also helpful. We can determine a rough order of magnitude of yourproject scope and budget and connect with you on a virtual call to meet remotely and discuss your project. If you feel we are a good “fit” we will determine next steps from that point.

We’ve already hired an architect who is working on our plans. I’d like you to review our plans from a sustainability and constructibility perspective. Do you offer that type of consulting service?

Yes, we offer consulting services to assist you in preparing your project plans & specifications. We also offer review of bids you receive. Our aim is to identify vague, contradictory or incomplete parts of the design that may trigger delays and additional charges during the project. We also offer our green building expertise to integrate into your project plans and specs. Contact us for further information.

What’s going on with building and remodeling pricing these days?

Check out the following article that addresses "Inflation Pressures in Building and Remodeling" (connect link to Blog post article). Since the article was written many lumber prices have pulled back to more affordable levels but many of the other materials and price increases continue to put upward pressure on building and remodeling prices.

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