Eco Home Solutions

The Alexander Group has spent years involved in design and research that make significant impacts on your home. The Green Advantage reduces your gas, electric, and water footprint. The result is an increase in your family's comfort and health while conserving energy and saving money. Many utility companies offer rebates for energy-efficient improvements, and you may be eligible for state and federal tax credits.

Eco Home Solutions

The first step is the evaluation of your home's thermal envelope and indoor air quality. We make recommendations based on our findings. We employ a variety of methods in the evaluation:

  • Energy Audit: testing the energy efficiency of your home
  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Test
  • Site Inspection
  • Evaluating existing insulation, windows, and exterior doors
  • Evaluating existing HVAC systems
  • Evaluating electricity (lighting, appliances, etc.)
  • Evaluating plumbing fixtures

Our goal is to find the most sustainable, energy, and resource-efficient "smart solutions." Not only do these solutions benefit the environment, but they also improve your home's comfort, health, and energy use.

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