"I found the best when I hired The Alexander Group...on time & delivered a beautiful result."Grace H. in Potomac, MD
"Dean proved to be diligent and innovative with his approach to our buildings energy analysis."Kalele Kai Board of Directors
"... has my utmost confidence... will continue to build on the platform of excellence" Gerald Briggs
"Your team is the best team I ever worked with and they are very organized and excellent!" S. Graham
"The Alexander Group is a "no excuses" builder and an architectural firm's dream contractor" Jennifer Harada Okino
"I cannot say enough about Alex's "high touch" handling and regular accommodation ... respects and treats your home as he would his own." L.M.
"... If you want a project done right, that will last, no doubt, Alex is the man. He is not the cheapest, but he is undoubtedly the best." Nisha C., Northern VA
"... beautiful, functional addition ... you made it look easy" Michael D. M.& Katherine E. / Rockville, MD
"... quality of the workmanship" Tom M. / Chevy Chase, MD
"... appreciated the memories held ... in creating modern style" Eve / Honolulu, Hawaii

When quality matters, details count.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Grace H. /  Project Location: Potomac, MD
“After many renovations, I found the best when I hired The Alexander Group. They changed a brick wall with wood burning fireplace to a stone wall with gas and they installed new stair railings on time and delivered a beautiful result. I found them to be respectful of me and my home. There was a line of communication on all levels from contract signing until the last day, and still today I can easily communicate with them. The group is made up of professionals with good work ethics, high skill level in their area and they make sure that what they are doing is what was asked for by the homeowner. Each day Mr. Dean (President/CEO), came by to check on the progress and would pitch in to help if he was needed. Each day, my time requests were honored and they showed concern for my welfare when I was in the house while they were working. I would hire them over and over, and I highly recommend them.”

Debmark W. /  Project Location: Bethesda, MD
“From conception, to construction, to completion, our remodeling project with the Alexander Group was a text book example of how it should be done. We enlarged two bedrooms and a storage room, and added a bathroom. To start with, Alex Dean, the general contractor and architect, did not over-promise. Unlike other contractors we interviewed who made on the spot, extravagant claims about what they could do within our budget, Alex laid out, step by step, a realistic cost estimate of the project, and the time it would take to complete the job. We described what we wanted in general terms, and based on those ideas, Alex drafted five different sketches, one of which we chose to further refine and develop. Alex, and his design contacts, helped us narrow the wide choice of possible construction materials including tile, fixtures, cabinets, and siding. He, and his excellent on-site supervisor, Steve Mayberry, orchestrated the work of numerous, highly competent crews, and did some of the work themselves. And not only was the work of high quality, it was actually completed within the estimated time frame (none of those mysterious breaks where no one shows up for weeks at a time). All in all, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the finished product and the way in which it was done.”

“The Alexander Group was a pleasure to work with for the 10 months of our design and renovation project. Alex Dean and his team listened well, offered creative and effective ideas, were flexible and cost conscious, and acted on a daily basis in a client focused manner that was greatly appreciated by my wife and myself. We are one of the few couples who can honestly report that it was a pleasure to work with their contractor, and we continue to enjoy living in the product of that collaboration.” — EH

“Kalele Kai Board of Directors, Green Building Committee authorized Alex Dean of The Alexander Group, Inc to perform an energy analysis of the condominiums roof top exhaust and ventilation fan systems and to make recommendations for ways to improve energy efficiency.

Dean studied the existing buildings and found a brand new product that offered a code compliant and very energy efficient solution, for a manageable investment for the association. He negotiated with a major commercial fan manufacturer to furnish and install several new fans in order to verify their efficiency, at no cost to the association. The exhaust fans performed better than expected and we have subsequently replaced all (200 plus) fans on our three buildings.

Our investment paid for itself on the first building in less than a year, and we have replaced the fans on the other buildings as well. As a result, even though our electrical energy costs have increased from 22 per kwh to 38 cents per kwh – our overall electric bill has not increased.

Dean proved to be diligent and innovative with his approach to our buildings energy analysis and his building and energy consulting experience are extremely valuable to any building owner or manager who seeks professional building or energy consulting.”
– Kalele Kai Board of Directors,
Green Building Committee

Project Location: Northern VA
“17 years ago, the Alexander Group built us basically a new home , that was flawlessly constructed. Now we chose to do some renovations etc, and without question we turned to Alex. As always he was professional , keeping our interests and goals, and budget at heart. The project was replacing kitchen counters, new windows, doors etc. He had the keys to the house and he alarm code.I was 3000 miles away!!! 95 % of the work was done in the week I was away. He followed thru on little things immediately and made sure we were completely satisfied. His sub contractors are excellent, quality folks, respectful and clean and efficient . His painting team and carpentry folks are really exceptional.

If you want a project done right, that will last, no doubt, Alex is the man. He is not the cheapest , but he is undoubtedly the best. He will not cut corners, he will do the job right. Rather than replace a big attic fan, he found a new motor for it and saved us a ton!!! A man of great integrity and fairness. Excellent at what he does. !!
– Nisha C., Northern VA”

“Your team is the best team I ever worked with and they are very organized and excellent!”
– S. Graham, Owner Services Manager
Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

“We’re staying! When we were preparing our home for resale, we had no idea it would come out so grand! The new floor plan flows seamlessly throughout the house making perfect for everything from just plain, everyday living, to the most exquisite dinner parties. There is no wasted space; every inch is used smartly. We love the spacious and airy feel of our open floor plan. We had been concerned that such a huge project would completely disrupt our lives, but The Alexander Group made it almost painless. Everyone on the team knew what was going on, kept us fully informed every step of the way, and kept to our budget. No surprises! Their attention to the smallest detail was very reassuring. I would entrust my home to them again.” —MI

Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000 / Project Location: Bethesda, MD
“This team did a phenomenal job on our home. Our entire condo unit flooded, and they worked with us on every little aspect. They made the whole process so much easier to handle, and were wonderful the whole time.”

“The Alexander Group is a “no excuses” builder and an architectural firm’s dream contractor. The successful completion of Long & Associates client projects were firmly rooted in the company’s detailed status updates throughout the renovations and the company’s ability to present solutions in a thoroughly collegial and professional manner.”
– Jennifer Harada Okino, AIA, ASID, CSI, CDT,
Associate & Director of Operations
Long & Associates

“Having the home in which you live undergo a renovation is not the dream of many homemakers. When that renovation includes bathroom and kitchen remodels for an older home, that dream can turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, because of meticulous planning, The Alexander Group turned my dream into my reality. I now have a home in which I wake up and thoroughly enjoy living in each and every day.

Finding a contractor who can make this happen is a difficult proposition. Older homes to do not easily accept “cookie cutter” solutions and builders do not want to invest time in a project that requires significant research to meld today’s standards with yesterday’s sensibilities. The Alexander Group is not such a contractor.

My project was worked on time, on budget and, most importantly, done with ongoing consideration for me and my family. I cannot say enough about Alex’s “high touch” handling and regular accommodation as we closely worked together day-after day. I am entirely satisfied with the result and would recommend The Alexander Group to any homeowner who is looking for a contractor who respects and treats your home as he would his own.”
– L.M.

Project Price: more than $100,000 / Project Location: Potomac, MD
“Our family has used The Alexander Group for a series of home improvement projects at our home in Potomac MD, over the course of more than 25 years. We first used The Alexander Group to dramatically enlarge our home, in order to comfortably accommodate our 3 children, in addition to a live-in babysitter. We also expanded our kitchen, built a screened in porch, and added several bedrooms. This project took approximately 6 months to complete, and one of our primary requirements was to ensure that the work was completed prior to the beginning of the next ensuing school year. We also required The Alexander Group to commence certain demolition activities at a time when our children could stay with their grandparents. Our 2 primary goals, then, were quality of construction, and adherence to certain pre-determined milestones so as to accommodate school and work schedules. In both respects, The Alexander Group performed perfectly. The work was the highest possible quality. The Alexander Group’s own personnel, and subcontractors, were of the absolute highest quality. They were professional and careful, and they took great pride in their work. Also, and this meant a lot to us, Alex Dean, the company’s principal, frequently visited the job site to make sure he knew, first hand, that everything was proceeding in accordance with our agreement. All of the project’s milestones were met, even with a little cushion. We were impressed and very gratified. The final work product was terrific, and The Alexander Group promptly finished up the reasonably short punch list very soon after the project was completed. The Alexander Group took great pride in its work, and it showed.

Since that first major project was completed, The Alexander Group came back to our home to work on the following additional tasks – replacement of all doors and windows; renovation of our laundry and mud room; renovation of our basement family room, and other minor projects. All were performed on time, within the budget, and with the highest possible quality.

We have been proud to recommend The Alexander Group to several of our friends over the years. About 10 years after completing our big initial renovation, The Alexander Group did a similar – but much larger – job for one of our friends. Our friends had similar experience.

We would recommend The Alexander Group to anyone contemplating a home renovation project, no matter the size of the job. They are reputable, honest and quality oriented. They are completely in touch with their clients’ needs.”

Project Price: more than $100,000  / Project Location: Washington DC
“Alex and his professional team deliver a high quality finished product. It was a pleasure to have the Alexander Group handle the construction of an addition to my home in AU Park last year. Alex and his team pay careful attention to every detail to deliver what the customer wants. They were very helpful in assisting me make the sometimes difficult choices that are necessary to stay within budget. From initial concept, through design, and construction Alex and his team take pride in their work and provide the best craftsmanship on time. The results were amazing and exceeded all expectations. At the beginning of the project Alex thought he could design and deliver an award winning addition and he did. You won’t be disappointed hiring the Alexander Group.”

Project Price: more than $100,000 / Project Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
“Enjoying retirement several thousand miles away to a home that has been in our family for many years was a long standing dream of ours. While thrilled when the time came for final preparations in making it a reality, we had the daunting task of finding a general contractor we could trust to oversee extensive quality work on our historic house before our move. It had the original 1928 plumbing and electrical wiring and, in short, required a major overhaul after years of being rented out. We could not possibly have found a better person for the job than Alex Dean.

It does not suffice to share that Alex completed the work on time and within budget, which in itself is exceptional. He was hands on every step of the way, and he treated each and every aspect of the renovation with personal care. Alex appreciated the memories held and he worked closely with us in creating modern style and conveniences, while retaining the traditional qualities of a house we hope will stay in our family for many more years to come. We are happy to now be living in our exquisite home, with special thanks to Alex and his outstanding team of professionals with “The Alexander Group.”

Mary R., Washington DC

“Complex multifaceted project involving exterior excavation and drainage, masonry, gutters, raised flowerbed construction, and painting, as well as interior insulation, kitchen countertops, wallpaper, tile flooring & stair extension, custom built-in wine rack/shelf construction, installation of bay window and painting. I had a good time working with these folks! Alex was an excellent problem solver, intent on delivering the best possible finished product and open to his client’s ideas. The guys who work for him were experienced, skillful, tidy and fun to be around. Amazingly precise timing kept disruption at a minimum and completion date as promised. Impressive!”

Tom M., / Project Location: Chevy Chase, MD

“We are particularly pleased with the quality of the workmanship provided to us, and frankly amazed at how well the new part of the house integrates with the old. Given what a big job it was, it wasn’t even that painful to live through…”

Michael D. M.& Katherine E. / Project Location: Rockville, MD

“With the new addition project virtually completed, I want to thank you for the professional, high quality product you have delivered. …it seemed to me that it was going to take an extraordinary effort…to make all this happen by June. Here it is June and you have delivered a beautiful, functional addition as I had imagined it, and you made it look easy. I sincerely appreciate the effort you and your group have put into the project. I was particularly impressed with the quality of your subcontractors, notably the painters and electricians. Once again, thanks for everything. The people who have seen the addition love it, as do we.”

Jill K. / Project Location: Potomac, MD

“The Alexander Group is realistic in projecting what it will take to deliver the renovation, especially in the timeline estimate. Respectful, considerate, and clean — putting away things in a clean and safe manner is very important. It’s easy dealing with Alex Dean in the early stages of a project, and all the [trade] contractors are very professional and have ultimately become whom we call when we need an appliance serviced, such as the air conditioner. The Alexander Group is very service-oriented.”

Lee & Carol C. / Project Location: Olney, MD

“We’re enjoying our new addition and have had quite a few parties. Everyone seems to be quite impressed and we’ve received many compliments.”

Eric H., / Project Location: Kensington, MD

“The Alexander Group was a pleasure to work with for the 10 months of our design and renovation project. Alex Dean and his team listened well, offered creative and effective ideas, were flexible and cost conscious, and acted on a daily basis in a client focused manner that was greatly appreciated by my wife and myself. We are one of the few couples who can honestly report that it was a pleasure to work with their contractor, and we continue to enjoy living in the product of that collaboration.”

Andrew W. / Project Location: Bethesda, MD

“We thank our house inspector every day for recommending Alex and his team. Though we wouldn’t recommend it, we lived in the house during the entire process! The experience with The Alexander Group was great. Everyone was respectful and very considerate during the process.

With your help, we absolutely accomplished what we started out to do. The quality was excellent and we got exactly what we wanted. We have nothing but good things to say about the work. Our addition looks like it was always there, and we’re really enjoying living in our new space. We’ve recommended The Alexander Group to friends.”

Judy M. / Project Location: Gaithersburg, MD

We had this contractor work on our house three times over a 25 year span: a kitchen expansion and remodel, a bathroom and basement room redo, and a two-story addition.

They do a fabulous job! They spent as much time as needed communicating with us about our desires and proposing ideas that fit within our budget. Then they came up with unique designs we loved. They designed an unusual kitchen 25 years ago that we love so much I just never want to move from our house!

They work on time and within budget. Their work is very quick, yet of a very good,  solid quality. Their subcontractors (masons, steel workers, wood workers, electricians, etc.) are outstanding! They don’t waste any time; they are extremely polite; and they clean up the site nicely after each day’s work. The job foreman is polite, helpful and exceedingly knowledgeable about all areas of the project. He is on top of everything!

We have always contacted three contractors before each project, and every time the Alexander Group comes out on top. There aren’t enough superlative words to describe how good they are. We give them the BEST recommendation!

“I am a registered architect with over 30 years experience encompassing 11 years at the Washington, DC office of Skidmore Owings and Merrill, 5 years in private practice, and finally in my current position as Vice President and Director of Architecture for the Washington office of URS. I am fortunate to have worked on a wide diversity of building types of varying scale, ranging from the headquarters building for U.S. News and World Report to my current design work for the new United States Consulate in Mumbai, India.

I first became acquainted with Alex Dean and the Alexander Group in 1993, in conjunction with the Klein Residence Addition and Renovation. Klein was my first residential work in private practice in the Washington area and was conventionally bid to three General Contractors. The Alexander Group was the most qualified low bidder for the project and made an excellent impression over the course of the work. A high level of professionalism, construction quality, attention to detail, and above all service to the owner were sustained for the entire duration from ground-breaking to final completion. As a result of this successful effort, I proposed a year later, that the Alexander Group become involved in the Henry Residence on a negotiated basis. This second project was of substantial scope, encompassing the entire existing house, with large additions on all four sides, excavation for a basement level garage, and wood shingle and trim cladding in the style of the Arts and Crafts movement. Alex and his team were outstanding. The project won a national NARI award, was published, and is one of the finest design and construction experiences of my career. In the years since then, there have been fewer residential opportunities on which to collaborate with Alex. I became involved in commercial work and eventually decided to rejoin a large national firm. However, last year I was asked to become involved in the Segal/Wasserstein Residence and was delighted to find that the owners knew Alex by reputation and had elected to negotiate the construction of their renovation project with him. Once again the Alexander Group lived up to expectations. Alex has refined his preconstruction services over the years and through this process the owners were able to make informed scope decisions in alignment with their budget limitations. Alex has developed an excellent team, with a loyal and diligent staff, many of whom have remained with him since the early 1990’s.

I have known Alex for 15 years. He has my utmost confidence. I am certain that he will continue to build on the platform of excellence he has established with the Alexander Group.”
– Gerald Briggs,

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