Add Third-Party Accountability for Flawless Remodels

Dec 1, 2019

You've hired recommended contractors. You have a plan in place. You're ready to launch your remodeling project - or are you?

Want to make sure your remodel is flawless? Consider asking a third-party remodeling consultant to review your remodeling firm's plans and progress.

Why hire an independent consultant?

If you already have professionals handling your home remodel, you may wonder why you need to involve a third party. Asking an expert to take a look offers several advantages.

  • Fresh Eyes - The consultant will review all engineering and design plans. With extensive expertise, they can identify any flaws in these plans or potential issues. This is especially helpful if your contractor has adjusted plans to incorporate new ideas, reduce costs or solve location challenges. With a fresh perspective, the consultant can see problems that the contractor may have missed while they were shuffling the many moving pieces of your project.
  • Conflicting Plans - When multiple contractors are involved in a project, multiple plans are also involved. At times, these plans conflict. All the pieces might not fit together perfectly. If no one notices the discrepancies in time, your project will suffer. You will be unsatisfied with the final results, or the project may fail entirely.

For example, if an architect has designed your plans and a builder is handling the construction, the builder may decide to use materials that are inappropriate for the design. An expert trained in all areas of design and building can review all plans and identify conflicting components in engineering and design.

  • Neutral Party - A third-party consultant has your best interests in mind. Whether you're looking to purchase a home or remodeling an existing space - They work for you. Unaffiliated with the other contractors involved, their loyalty is not divided. If they see an issue with any part of the plans or work that has been completed, they will point it out. Unlike the contractors completing the work, they do not stand to lose anything if they admit there is an issue. Their neutral status allows them to provide candid feedback and helpful redirection if needed.
  • New Solutions - If your project hits a snag, a consultant can offer solutions. By reviewing the plans and work of your contractors, the consultant will identify how and where things got off track. The consultant can apply in-depth industry expertise to deliver solutions to complex problems. They will know the latest trends in materials, the most recent engineering applications and the best sources to use to solve project issues.
  • Better Results - With expert eyes on your project, you'll enjoy cost-saving measures and more desirable results. A consultant with diverse industry experience integrates all of their knowledge to ensure your project has all the right parts - and no unnecessary ones. This expert can eliminate design revisions, reordering and re-installation of materials and other costly surprises. Their input helps you avoid budget overages and time delays.

Who should you hire as a consultant?

To receive the full advantages of a third-party consultant review, you must choose a professional with the right expertise. Someone with decades of carpentry experience but no architectural knowledge will have a limited capacity to provide helpful input.

The best consultants offer architectural, carpentry, engineering, building and contracting experience. They are familiar with modern and proven techniques in the design-build industry. They can add value to your project by applying their expertise to every facet of your remodel.

If you need an expert consultant, The Alexander Group can help. As a master carpenter, architectural and mechanical engineer designer, energy consultant, builder and contractor, Alex Dean utilizes an integrative approach to:

  • Review engineering and design plans
  • Identify conflicting components in engineering and design plan elements
  • Offer solutions to complex problems
  • Integrate the latest trends in materials and designs to achieve cost-saving results

For expert consulting services, contact The Alexander Group at (301) 230-3040 or