7 reasons you should consider LED for your landscape lighting!

Jun 1, 2019

Did you know LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs consume less than 50% of the wattage of fluorescent bulbs and 25% less than incandescent bulbs with no reduction in the amount of light emitted?

Advances in LED landscape lighting technology, has lowered manufacturing costs while simultaneously improving quality. It's estimated that LED technology will make up 80% of the general illumination market by 2020 with the US Department of Energy setting a goal of using LED lights to reduce electric lighting consumption by 50% by 2025.

7 key reasons you should consider LED for your landscape lighting:

  1. LED fixtures can produce tremendous light output
  2. LED lamps have huge choices in shape and size - flexibility allows for more creative design
  3. LED landscape lights do not emit UV rays - so they don't attract critters
  4. Low temperature - LED's don't emit high heat like traditional light bulbs - less harm to plants and trees
  5. No harmful materials (fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury which can harm both people and the environment)
  6. Low voltage LED bulbs are available in different color temperature options - this helps achieve distinct aesthetic effects for various applications - from a candlelight glow to a cool moonlight effect. LED lighting offers a big palette to work with
  7. Their semiconductor-based structure allows LED for a more rugged design than traditional bulbs - a must when talking about outdoor illumination.

Many manufacturers now embed iOS and Android technology into the products - the controller for lighting schemes can be done on a smart phone controlling dimming, brightness, on/off controls

A popular trend is to use LED lights for a party or a café-type setting to set a mood - mix up colored lights for a holiday theme or turn on dedicated colors for a favorite sports team event.

Looking for landscape lighting solutions for your home? LED is the efficient and reliable answer.

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