As the days grow cooler, you can truly enjoy being outside with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. With contemporary cooking and food prep island options and casual, comfortable seating choices, your home can be enhanced by the design and build skills of the professionals at Alexander Group.

If you already have a porch, Alexander Group can design the kitchen components to incorporate it. If your yard is undeveloped, we can bring all of the elements that will make your outdoor kitchen and eating area the hub for family life. Relax in style and comfort with your family while enjoying fresh and savory food prepared in your own outdoor kitchen.

Inviting friends over has never been easier than with an outdoor kitchen. You don’t even have to clean the house—just tidy the bathroom and send everyone to the outdoor kitchen. You’ll love the ease of playing games together, eating BBQ and having a lot of laughs.

Did one of the kids spill his drink? No problem when you’re outdoors. Are the kids feeling rowdy? Let them run and play. Is the sun too much for everyone? No problem, we can add a sunscreen or design a unique shade for your space. You can actually enjoy the family and being outside in the relaxed and easy style found in your new outdoor kitchen.

Consider these 7 possible outdoor kitchen features:

  1. Food Prep Area

    You’ll definitely need some space to do the cutting and prep work. Dicing tomatoes and onions for your famous guacamole and Pico de Gallo, holding marinating meats, and cutting up a big, ripe watermelon are all made easier with your roomy food prep space.

  2. Grill and Stovetop

    Next to the food prep area is commonly the hot zone. A grill, with the addition of burners for pots and skillets, is a must for your outdoor kitchen. We can incorporate the gorgeous grill you already own, or we can design new components for you. By the time we’re done, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the sizzle of your own steaks for much less than half the price of eating out.

  3. Pizza Oven

    Are you crazy about pizza? Do you dream about melted cheese and pepperoni? In keeping with trends in outdoor kitchens, Alexander Group can show you the options for a wood-burning pizza oven. The food prep area can be used to assemble the different pizza flavor combinations to make your very own signature pizza sensations.

  4. Smoker or Fryer

    If smoking or deep frying is something you can’t live without, we’ll plan your space with that in mind. You can enjoy a deep fried turkey for a twist on traditional Thanksgiving or you can smoke your own meats for savory snacks all week long.

  5. Sink Station

    After handling raw meat, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a sink in your outdoor kitchen. Get a jump on cleanup with the easy rinsing option that a sink gives you. And don’t forget the biggest benefit—if the jalapeño poppers were too hot, grab a quick drink of water at the sink.

  6. Food Presentation Station

    When the food is done, you’ll want a space to present it for buffet style or to hold it until you lay it out on the table. We’ll factor in a food presentation space that is close to the table for added convenience.

  7. Refrigerator

    Your outdoor kitchen is made complete with the addition of a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold, your ice frozen and your meat at a safe handling temperature. Let guests help themselves to the chilled beverages while you put the finishing touches on your grilled masterpieces.

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