Are you looking to resell your home or make it more inviting to guests? Regardless of your motivation, investing in exterior remodeling can take your home’s curb appeal to the next level – as well as potentially add thousands to your home’s value.

Here are 5 expert tips to makeover your home this spring.

1. Update your front door

Your front door welcomes guests into your home – or at least, it should. Replace an outdated door with a modern fixture, or for those on a budget, a fresh coat of bright paint.

2. Address exterior wall damages

Passersby – not to mention potential buyers – are sure to notice eyesores like rotting wood or peeling paint along your home’s exterior walls. Repair damage and apply a fresh coat of paint to add both beauty and value.

3. Update exterior lighting

Ditch your dated porch fixtures for modern, energy-efficient options. And add lighting along walkways and decks for a warm, inviting glow when welcoming guests after dark.

4. Fix fences, porch and deck

Ensure your yard is a safe environment to relax and entertain guests by repairing any damage to your wooden fences, porch and deck. While adding like-new looks and protection against the elements with a fresh stain.

5. Maintain your landscaping

A well-manicured lawn is often the first impression of a cared-for home. While adding combinations of leafy and colorful foliage adds natural beauty and charm.

With so many options available to add curb appeal to your home, why wait? Contact the Alexander Group’s exterior design and renovation team at (301) 230-3040.