4 key things to consider before hiring a remodeling contractor

May 1, 2019

Your home is your castle - and undertaking a remodel represents a significant investment of both money and time. And the process starts long before the first interior wall comes down or nail is hammered.

Tackling a remodeling project begins with clear communication with your builder - and it's a 2-way street between you and your chosen contractor.

No one wants to experience remodeling "horror stories" - like long delays in the construction process, cost overruns, fixing installation errors or other headaches. Without good communication, hard feelings at minimum or even legal problems can result.

Open and transparent communication is the key ingredient to a satisfying remodeling experience.

Shopping for a remodeling contractor is fundamentally different from shopping for a new home. When you shop for a new home, you have the opportunity to see the completed work and examine every detail. When you plan a remodeling project, it becomes a little more complicated.

That fact underscores the importance of patience and diligence when interviewing potential contractors before making your selection. You want to start your project with a level of comfort and confidence - they will be your partner in determining a successful outcome leading to your dream or forever home.

4 key things to consider:

  • A contractor's way of presenting information during an initial phone call or interview is often an indication of how he or she will communicate during your project.
  • Before and during your remodel you will have many decisions to make. Be sure you are comfortable with the remodeler's process for maintaining effective communication.
  • Many remodelers or their on-site superintendents use a scheduled review, or "walk-through," of the remodeled section of your house at specified critical stages of construction. These walk-throughs can take place during structural framing, electrical and plumbing rough-in, or after the interior walls have been dry walled.
  • As you select a remodeling contractor, ask about additional opportunities to communicate, such as ad-hoc meetings, phone calls or emails, or even texting.

After you select your remodeler, you will find that a detailed scope of work — outlining the construction process along with an agreed timeline or schedule — provides a guide for your questions and expectations. The scope of work and schedule will establish deadlines for key decisions on your part. Avoid hasty choices and make sure decision dates and deadlines are clear.

The Alexander Group celebrates its 30th year in 2016 providing award-winning remodeling solutions for homeowners in metropolitan Washington DC and Hawaii.

As a service-based company, we attribute our success to many things, but our process on every project - whether a kitchen remodel or whole house renovation - starts with clear communication.

Considering a remodel? Reach out and communicate - we look forward to learning about your home and how we might make it an even better place for you and your family!

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